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When you start the game, enter your username into the name box. If you want to host a server, then click the host a server button. If you are hosting a server, be sure to forward port 23808 and give your IP address to your friends so that other players can join. If you want to join a server, put your friends IP address into the 'IP Address' bar and click 'Join game.' Your friend must be hosting a game in order for you to join them.

As a server host, you can select different word categories. You can also create your own custom word lists. There is also a 'blind mode', where the artist can not see what they are drawing. You can also change how long each round is, and how many rounds in total there are.

Before you host/join the server, can also set a custom emote that everyone else can see, but only you can use. To set it, just click the "Load file" button on the menu screen, and select an image file. This image will be automatically scaled to 64x64 pixels.

Every round every player will have  a chance to be an artist. The artist will be given a word to draw. Every other player will need to guess the word. Enter the word into the chat bar to guess what the word is. If you guess correctly, you will earn points; the faster you answer, the more points you will earn. The artist will also earn points depending on how many people guessed.

As an artist, use the controls at the bottom to change your brush's color and size, or press the clear button to clear the canvas.

After all of the rounds have ended, whoever has the most points will be the winner.

You can also use the emote buttons at the top to tell everybody else how you feel. Remember that you can set your own custom emote if the default emotes aren't doing it for you!


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