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I'm uploading a bunch of my old game jam entries to itch.io because I might as well start somewhere on this website, right? This game was made
in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31 with a few friends (AlucardX60 and MKSTAR26).

You are a tourist who on a mission to take a picture of a rare bird, the
Hippogriphastopholes. Unfortunately you are stuck on a single screen.
If only you could use your camera like one of those camera's in those
video games you play. Life's tough for a single screen tourist.


  • Arrow Key: Move/jump
  • Spacebar: Pick up/drop objects
  • R: To reset the level


  • Programming: Jellonator
  • Art: AlucardX60
  • Music: MKSTAR26


  • you can edit the levels in /Levels/ if you install the Tiled level editor. See what you can come up with.
  • MILDLY IMPORTANT: Since it's not immediately obvious, I'll give you
    a hint for the tall room with the bunch of spikes: wait until the
    platform comes down to grab the crate


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The mechanic of having to carry the camera with you is really clever. Very cool game.

here is my playthrough really enjoyed this ty