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You are Robotron, and you are on a quest to rescue the princess! However, you only have so much inventory space to store all of your items. Move and delete items to make room for all of the cool stuff that you want. Use the items that you collect to defeat enemies and save the princess. But be careful, some enemies try to destroy your precious items!

Created in 72 hours by AlucardX60 (art), EmeliaKaylee (music), and Jellonator (programming), for Ludum Dare 42.


All of the controls are shown in the main menu, and can be configured for controller or keyboard. The default controls are listed below.

  • Move the cursor with the movement buttons (arrow keys). If you have an item grabbed, then moving the cursor will move the grabbed item.
  • The grab button (c) will grab an item to move it.
  • The rotate buttons (z and x) will rotate the grabbed item.
  • The use button (space) will activate the selected item (must not be grabbed). This will equip/unequip armor and weapons, and consume consumable items, such as potions.
  • The delete button (shift) will delete the selected item. This is useful for removing useless items, or clearing out inventory space.
  • The pause button (p) will pause or unpause the game.

Further details (don't read if you want to figure things out on your own)

You have three equipment slots: one for armor, one for weapons, and a third slot for consumable items (they aren't used instantly and can only be used one at a time).

The strength stat determines how much damage your normal attacks will do. The wisdom stat determines how much damage spells will do. The armor stat determines how much damage will be negated from each enemy attack. The dexterity stat determines the player's attack rate.

The boomerang item hits  a single enemy and picks up a single item off of the ground. The whip item hits the closest two enemies. The thunder spell will hit all enemies. All other attacks will hit only the closest enemy.


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